Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weather permitting

I thought we'd be seeing better weather this week - clearly, I was very wrong. We've been seeing rain and cold weather in the GTA, which is very disappointing. Derek mentioned that the harvest at Lailey might begin on Wednesday. I hope things are going well for them. Come on, all we need is a last minute burst of sunshine and warmth. Come on!

Big release this week. I've begun noticing a disturbing trend. For the past few months, 90% of the wine I've been buying from every release is for the cellar. I'm only picking up one or two bottles to actually drink, so there's always a perpetual lack of wine for drinking in the house. It figures right...I have 5 cases packed up at home ready to ship out, and not a single bottle to drink. Stupid.

So things are going to change. We're going to reverse it. I'm going to begin making a conscientious decision to look for wines I want to drink as opposed to put away. Lots of new regions to try. And lots of old favourites to revisit. Autumn is clearly underway, so richer, fuller and heartier red wines are up on the menu. Southern France is going to feature big. Rhône wines for sure, both from the north and south. Languedoc as well. Maybe Loire. Portugal, Spain definitely. Maybe I should dip into the New World a bit. South Africa, Chile, Argentina...............Australia? Yeah, let's see.

Starting with a wine of Portugal and Madiran this week. Just going to pound it.


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