Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wrinkle lines

So, from a woman who's opinion I value very much, and who's actually credible on these types of matters - my forehead wrinkles. Badly. I do it without even noticing. But yes, I wrinkle like a fucking pug.

Lindsey's telling me to relax my face a bit. But I can't help it, sweetheart. When you're a serious and intense person 100% of the time, things happen. What do you do but to be yourself, even if it is wrinkly.

I'm the oldest 23 year old y'all will ever meet. And if I look the part, all the better.



  1. i think after 25, we'll start to hear a lot more about how to take care of our looks....especially with the ladies

    because after's all downhill from there

  2. I plan on aging gracefully. Don't worry, men don't have a peak. We just keep climbing the sexiness meter.

    Because nothing says drop dead sexy than white hair and deep wrinkles.

  3. We got no limits! What are you guys talking about! Beware of your receeding hair

  4. Of course not Pris, you keep getting more and more delicious!

    Receding hairline is fine. Comb-over is not.