Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2000 Douro

2000 Ferreira LBV

2000 Ferreira LBV Porto, DOC Douro

I may be a bit premature, writing about this bottle. Only had a few glasses for dinner - the rest in the fridge. But, 'twas a great wine, and worth noting for later if it shows differently after a few days open.

These wines are always impressive in concentration. Inky, glass-staining purple. Big nose, lots of fruit, but needs some air - we'll see if it gains more complexity. The texture in the mouth is wonderful - lots of grippy, fleshy tannins, rich fruit. Wraps around the palate beautifully. Tight without being alarming.



Blogger's note: November 6. 2009

I've finished the bottle, and am very impressed. The tannins and structure make the wine - texture is just unbelievably decadent, rich, silky, and delicious. Wonderful! Ripe fruit, rich, but perfectly balanced. Wow.


  1. hav you heard about how ed the owner of flat rock cellars is offering a wine boot camp that allows you to pick grapes, sort them, stir the wine as it ferments and do tastings w/ a bottle at the end.. all for $200

    i keep forgetting to call u to hang.. next time..