Friday, November 20, 2009

2006 Bergerac

2006 Chateau le Barradis

2006 Château Le Barradis, AC Bergerac

Trying different things. I'm intrigued with the wines of Bergerac - an old wine region, and one of the first wines that was imported to the British Isles. The old kingdom of Aquitaine. Another organic wine - will there be parallels between this and my previous (organic) wine?

Look at the stunning colour. Just breathtaking in its luminosity, its shine, its sparkle. Just the most amazing bright red, illuminated in all its glory. Decanted. Initially, quite a distinct juiciness, reminiscent of pomegranate and cranberries. Develops a darker tone. Lean in the mouth, with a curious green element - unripe? Or just a byproduct of the farming techniques? Shows some sweetness, but otherwise unremarkable.

I'll have to drink more Bergerac to get a better sense of this region. Not a bad wine - stunning colour, interesting bouquet. Very different than what you'd expect from a Bordeaux-style blend (cabernet sauvignon & cabernet franc 28%, merlot 52%, côt rouge 10%). A transparent wine, but perhaps a bit too feeble? Thin? Soft?



  1. Please try some "cote de bergerac rouge", mutch better than the simples "bergerac" !

  2. Thanks for visiting!

    I'd love to get my hands on a bottle - pity I live in Ontario, where the liquor board controls everything. Forget smaller appellations - this Bergerac was the first one I've seen in months.

    But I'll keep that in mind, and look out for Cote de Bergerac!

  3. Thanks for sharing the 2006 Bergerac review. I will have to put this bottle to test. Hope it do better with sushi.