Monday, November 30, 2009

2006 Chinon

2006 Couly-Dutheil

2006 Couly-Dutheil 'La Baronnie Madeleine', AC Chinon

I've tasted vintages of this cuvée before, the 2003 and the 2005. Impressed everytime. Chinon is so different that it's always a treat when the weather cools down to have a bottle with your meat dishes.

I decanted this bottle just after lunch, and over the next 11 hours, slowly drank the entire damn thing. This bottle was off - excessively oaky, cedar aromas completely obliterating the fruit. Develops some sweetness, and a faint minerality, but this bottle did not show well. Maybe it's at an awkward time, maybe there's something more serious - who knows. But, it does have good structure, with coating tannins, and nice balance. This will age.

Let's see if the other bottles show better with some age. Although with my past experience, I have no worry that they will.


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