Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back for seconds

It's been a fantastic Friday and Saturday, gastronomically speaking. Lots and lots of seafood. And lots and lots of wine, bien sur.

We had a nice clam spaghetti on Friday - really going for the shellfish. The season has officially begun. Not feeling very satisfied, so I went out to get some live blue crabs. Geez, grocery shopping on a Friday at 7pm is stressful. Reckless drivers, packed lots - not ideal. But we ended up getting nearly a dozen crabs. Steamed, dipping sauce of rice vinegar, minced ginger. Absolutely delicious, so satisfying to just dig into fresh crab. Delicious, and utterly Shanghainese.

My friends came over after dinner with dessert. The mango dessert was nice. Almost a reduction of mango, it was a thick purée with great consistency. Different, and a nice surprise. Of course, we had a few wines together, a few Australian (!) pinot noirs and a white port. A first time for all us to experience this style of port.

Saturday's dinner was a big production, as usual - dinner at David's is always serious. Started off with fresh, live snails today, cooked in the Shanghainese style. Green onion, ginger slices, black bean paste. Sautée snails, lid on for 45 seconds, done. Absolutely delicious - this is a dish that has a special place in my heart. I remember eating this ever since I was a boy, carefully picking out the snails from their shells with a toothpick. So much flavour, just a great dish - great that is, if the snails are at their freshest. Continued on with a fish cooked two ways (pan-seared fillet, fish broth). Then, moved onto crab.

It was a long meal. But we weren't giving out candy, so there were no interruptions. Drank a lot of wine. At one point, I felt that I was done - buzzed out of my mind and feeling full as to explosion. But, I got my second wind and continued on drinking and eating, no problem. As I said - there's nobody like me, I'm just ferocious.

Like a long-distance runner...all I need is to catch a second wind, and all the wine and food will be no problem. Cheeers.


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