Sunday, November 29, 2009


I stopped buying clothing years ago. All the sweaters I'm wearing right now, in all seriousness, are from either when I was in high school, or were gifts. Everything's starting to get small. Tight at the shoulders, short at the arms, inching higher above the waist. I look like I'm wearing my 10 year old brother's clothing. Not sexy at all. Clearly unprofessional.

Who else, but my wonderful Aunt Michie to offer to buy me clothing. Living in Tokyo has its benefits. She spent but two hours shopping, and my winter wardrobe's pretty much dealt with for the next 3-5 years. The problem is getting them from Tokyo to Toronto.

My aunt's company is the largest manufacturer of air-conditioning units in Asia. She wanted to send us their newest model heater, perfect for Canadian winters. This thing's apparently powerful enough to heat up 2 stories, without drying out the air. Perfect opportunity to send it over with my clothing. By sea. And I just learned how long it'd take. We're looking at about 50 days in transit. Fifty.

I'm sorry, is the boat coming over the Pacific hoisting fucking sails? Are there hairy slaves below deck manning the oars? I just can't twist my mind around the fact that we're almost a decade into the 21st century and it takes nearly 2 months to ship a 10 kg package, regardless of distance. We're not shipping to Antarctica!

I guess my wee sweaters will have to suffice for now. No laughing.


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