Saturday, November 7, 2009

E-Class, on Eglinton

Right. So, being the superstar that I am, DF was invited to another private unveiling. 2010 Mercedes E-Class, redesign. Beautiful. The car is gorgeous, especially the coupe. But what was spectacular was the McLaren SLR and the 1950's 300SL. Gorgeous. Legendary. The SLR is as hard to climb in and out of as advertised, but for half a million, don't complain. The Maybach. That's what I should be riding in. Just smells like money. Driver, to the embassy!

E Coupe

DF - SLR copy




  1. Ballin.

    Although it got a bit weird when that woman called the SLR a 'boy toy'.

    But then again, for $100K a month...I would be willing to be someone's boytoy. Shameless!