Wednesday, November 4, 2009



I've been diligently practicing my piano. I'm not getting embarrassed in front of people. In front of her. Still putting together my repertoire, but I think I know what to go for. Elegance, emotion, and honesty will always trump flashy theatrics. Yes, I'm talking about you. You, with the fake body expressions, as if swaying melodramatically to every phrase suggests a familiarity and understanding of the music.

The teachers who teach this kind of behaviour should be ashamed. Yeah you little prick, you should be ashamed. It's cheating the audience, and a complete disrespect to the maestros who gave us these masterpieces. This charade of musical expression is just a cheap veneer to fool the uncultured - true musicality is an intensely private and personal virtue.

I play Beethoven, and it makes me feel some way, much like a glass of mature Rheingau. I play Chopin and emotions rise and fall, much like a red Burgundy. What I'm saying is that music, as in all things, is meant to help you develop yourself first. It's not meant to spread your ego, to have people marvel over the way you pound the keys or sway to the melody. That is a disrespect.

But what the hell - I'm not a performer. I wouldn't even dare so much as to consider myself a pianist. What I am is a sensualist, and an ardent old guard of true musical expression.

The photo, courtesy of RokChoi. His blog, here. Indeed, those are my fingers. Clementi, I believe.



  1. i'm going to send you a higher resolution shot...i can see blocks of pixels..

  2. I don't know why Flickr does that...unless I shrink to postage stamp size.