Saturday, November 28, 2009

In the mood

At what point do we disregard responsibility and financial prudence? When do we just sigh, go all hell with it, and be selfish for once? I'm an immigrant, and we have this ingrained sense of frugality - we treat one dollar like it's two, and we save money for the sake of saving. It's a sensibility that is often restrictive to us doing the things that make us happy.

Then why is it that everytime I send out a big wine order, I feel a twinge of guilt? I picked up an order today, and the entire time I was at the store, I was staring at the receipt and wondering what possessed me to buy a $119 bottle of Pomerol, and an $85 half bottle of Mosel Riesling Auslese, as delicious and wonderful of a wine it was. Why do I do this to myself? Really, the true question is - why am I saving so much money and not just enjoying myself? Huh? It makes no sense.

12 months ago, I was unemployed, desolate, and more than a little desperate. This year...this year I'm taking no prisoners. I'm single-handedly going to spur on LCBO's holiday sales, however reckless that may be. Ahh...that's the spirit.


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