Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jin Jun Mei


Jin Jun Mei

I'm having difficulties inputting the proper Chinese characters. A friend from Fujian sent us another package of tea. Jun Mei, which is a tea native to Fujian, is grown on Wuyi Mountain. Arguably, the greatest tea terroir in the world. This tea has several grades, with this one, Jin (Gold), being the highest.


As you can see, this is a black tea, but with the most amazing copper-coloured edges. This colour disappears once infused, as the tea is well roasted.


Brewed in a clay teapot, the tea leaves plump and enlarge, infusing a dark, amber colour. The bouquet is extraordinary - orange peel and flowers, with fragrant, dried long-an. Very perfumed, if you can say that for a tea. The tea is silky in the mouth, with no trace of tannin or any bitterness. Very sweet. Exceptional tea for a cold day. I think I'm ready for a pot right now.


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