Saturday, November 14, 2009

Leap of faith

I was having a nice dream this morning. We were on the top floor of a highrise, some 200 stories up. There was a ledge on the balcony, facing the ledge of an adjacent building. I was told to leap across to the opposite ledge. Very Matrix-esque. And I did it. I jumped with no fear. Caught the edge with my hands, pulled myself up. Feeling amazing, only to wake up to my mother barging in, yelling about why I was still in bed at 1pm.

All of a sudden, I feel very rushed. Complete piano lesson, yes. Heading out again to haggle with Infiniti. Remember the piano performance I had to give, that I wrote about last week, and that I've been preparing for? Today. At 5. I'm going to embarrass her with my sensuality.

Here we go again!


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