Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nov. 21 Wine & Photography Experience

Wine & Photography @ Anita's

As alluded to earlier, DF and ROKChoi collaborated again for a wine & photography event this past weekend, November 21. These events are always fun. What we offer is a guided, structured tasting of wines, all documented on camera in a studio environment. Candids, portraits - any kind of shots our guests prefer. The theme for the tasting was the wines of Spain and Portugal. Certainly, themes are absolutely fluid - the joy of tasting is in its variety. We can do wines by region, by vintage, by varietal, by style...anything you'd like, mes amis.

The event went well. These things always go well when you bring together a group of people that are open-minded, enthusiastic, and eager to participate. I love it. It's a joy, and a learning experience for me as well to hear different perspectives. Many thanks, from both of us, for a great afternoon of tasting. I hope we've given you a different look at wine, and please...nothing would make us happier than for everyone to be inspired to taste different wines and approach each bottle with a sense of joy and adventure.

In my next two posts on the wines served - Nov.21 Tasting the Wines of Spain and Nov. 21 Tasting the Wines of Portugal - I refer to our guests as tasters. In wine, tasting implies a full utilization of our senses. And we need to taste wine, not merely drink it.


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