Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NV Champagne

NV Champagne Montaudon

NV Champagne Montaudon Brut, AC Champagne

This is indulgent - my second Champagne in as many days. Opened for Friday's dinner - needed to get loose before the photoshoot. Decanted. That's right. I decanted a sparkling wine. No matter - a fine Champagne will maintain its mousse and besides, only tasteless fools need to keep seeing bubbles. This wine, I had in my cellar for about 19 months, and comprises about 50% pinot noir, 25% pinot meunier, and 25% chardonnay.

Looks deep golden in the decanter, but lightens considerably in the glass. This one doesn't yet show the depth of maturity of the J.Lassalle, but this has a freshness and austerity which is wonderful. Minerally, with succint citrus and yeast. Classic Champagne. Aggressive acidity in the mouth, with a length and precision that's wonderful.

After about 3-4 hours decanting, the acidity softens considerably. Nose opens up as well, to more graphite and autolysis. Just delicious in the mouth - and the bubbles are still there!

I'm absolutely convinced, with this second bottle, that bottle age and decanting absolutely benefit even the most humble of Champagnes. Delicious, and perfect for the occasion.


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