Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On note-taking

Wine notes

I'm not obsessive about many things, but wine really brings out those tendencies. Good stuff. I've been feeling nostalgic recently, going through my old wine stuff. Especially my wine notes. I've been taking tasting notes for 5 years now, and am on my 3rd notebook. Records show entries for every single bottle of wine I've drank over the last 60 months, including all the wines tasted on my Niagara trips and during travelling.

Notes are important. I insist on note-taking, especially for people beginning to be more serious about wine. You can boast about how great your palate memory is, but once you taste a few hundred wines a year, you need something written down to accurately recall a certain bottle. That's just the truth, and whoever says otherwise is just foolishly ignorant.

I'd show you the contents of my notebook, but that information is reserved for my closest friends. I guard my notes zealously, and only a select few people have been allowed to take a peek. Yeah - you have to earn it. Or just get me really, really trashed and mashed.


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