Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Onto the next

So, moving on - what will our next dinner be? We've had a nice mix so far this year. All seafood, Ontario produce, Shanghainese, Cantonese dinners...what's next? I really like this idea of a dinner focused entirely on seafood. Really interesting pairing opportunities with wine as well. I think a collaboration is in order. Oysters, shellfish, fresh-water fishes - I like that. With a focus on oysters again. We need to take advantage of the fact that they're in season and at their best. A few varieties to keep it interesting - I'm smacking my lips already.

I love looking for wines to marry with oysters. So interesting - you have to either contrast or match the absolute briny minerality of the oyster with the appropriate wine. Do you go with the classic Loire white, an oaked sauvignon blanc? Or try something interesting like a Mosel riesling, or a New World sauvignon? I want to match with a Chablis. Crisp, dry, minerally white Burgundy sounds delicious. Won't experiment with red wines - no point whatsoever. If I can get my hands on more obscure whites - Greek assyrtiko, Portuguese vinho verde, Spanish albarino - that would be the dream.

Let's get to it. Time to start planning.



  1. pris got a contract job going till the end of the year!! time to celebrate!! with her money!!!!!

  2. At least you're not sitting at home. Congratulations, high five!!!!!!