Monday, November 23, 2009

The Sensualist

Questions have come up regarding how I started in wine. I direct you to this piece of literature, found in the September 2004 issue of GQ Magazine. A Wine Worth Fighting For, Elizabeth Gilbert. One of the finest, most soulful accounts of wine tasting I've ever read. Beautiful. This is the article that inspired me to discover and learn more about these evocative wines. And this is the article that shaped my philosophy on the concept of a great wine.

Funny, wasn't a piece on French wine (although the influence is clear), or any other European wine. It was a Lebanese. I have a bottle of 1999 Château Musar...somewhere. Eagerly waiting for future releases. A wine of the earth, made by a man of the earth. A true wine.

I am going to take you on a journey of taste. I will teach you about wine, and you will become captivated and subjugated by this topic. You will discover the hidden dimensions of all your senses, and you will have the possibility to become realized, to skip many steps on your way to understanding God. And all of this will come to you from my wines. You will taste and you will ask yourself, Can this be possible? - Serge Hochar

You ask me what I want to be - an expert, a connoisseur, an oenophile?


We have to learn from Mr. Hochar's example. To be a sensualist - that's all I ask.


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