Monday, November 9, 2009

Stepping on it

Took some time this Friday to go look at some cars. Which is always fun. Running and gunning in someone else's car is always fun. When the nice lady lets you take a 328 hp car on the 407 and says, 'The engine is really powerful', what do you do but to floor it and see how hard the g-forces go. Right. The Infiniti G37x. Beautiful growl to the engine. Clearly not tuned for subtle drivers. After driving the 2010 Honda Accord, just not feeling it. The new V6 is more powerful, yes, but let's be honest - no one really needs more than 150 hp. For the first time, the Accord feels....boring. I love Honda's - sitting in one is like hugging an old friend. But I need a bit of excitement. You can only drink the same wines for so long.

Financial negotiations bogged down a bit, but we still have some time. For documentation purposes, haircut on Friday morning. What else......yeah, this is just filler until I get the photos.

Some things coming up this week. Gathering some wines for the holiday season - it's coming soon, and it's never too early to start preparing. Ok, sorry, I'll stop.


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