Sunday, November 29, 2009


Bad gifts

At risk of sounding like an ungrateful prick, here's a tip: don't buy a wine lover wine. Unless you absolutely know for sure that they'll appreciate a certain bottle, don't ever, ever presume to buy them a random wine you think is impressive. Never works.

Yeah, I'm an asshole. I say thanks for the thought, but look at these two bottles? What the fuck am I going to do with some random icewine (made in the freezer, with grapes from who the fuck knows where) and a bottle of South Australian plonk? Huh? South Australia comprises about half the goddamn country. I'd hesitate to cook with this shit.

So please, please - do yourself a favour this holiday season. Don't waste your money, don't buy true wine lovers wine. Get a gift certificate, bring a special dish over for dinner - anything but yet another bottle of junk.


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