Monday, November 2, 2009

Wine on the mind

I woke up this morning to the thought of Josh Jensen's Calera series pinot noirs. I have no clue why it was on my mind before I was even conscious. Strange.

I have a few bottles of Mr. Jensen's wines put away - a few single vineyard pinot noirs (Calera Ryan Vineyard, Calera Mills Vineyard, Calera Reed Vineyard). It's been written that these wines need some bottle age. In any case, they were rare and difficult to find, so I have high expectations. Should I? Am I just setting myself up for failure? But I seem to be particularly skilled at that, in wine and otherwise, so who knows.

We'll give it some time. Taste it with a Burgundian pinot noir, and a few Niagara pinot noirs. Who will come out on top? I think I have my pick, but yes, we'll give it a few years. Stay tuned!


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