Thursday, December 3, 2009

2 Year Anniversary

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December 3, 2009. La Cave de Fang turns two!

Here we go, another milestone. This must be Providence - that today, on our anniversary, also marks the 250th consecutive day of blogging. The streak began on March 29, and has soldiered on amid all the crises of this year.

I'm pleased with how the blog has progressed. Certainly, I hope that the message I'm trying to get across is relevant - the content, the photos, the stories - I hope what I'm saying matters to people. A year. A lot's changed in the past 12 months. My confidence in my palate and tasting abilities have increased, to the point where I'm extremely comfortable standing in front of people and leading them through tastings. And also comfortable enough to hold intelligent conversations with winemakers and people directly involved in wine production, and share my perspective with them.

It's been a difficult, but sometimes satisfying 12 months. My trips to Niagara, in March, and in October, were particularly rewarding. We met some fantastic people, and gained an incredible amount of new knowledge, experience, and appreciation for the wines being made here. And that's my mission for the next 12 months - to spread the word about Niagara wines, and amplify the fact that this is a region where quality and terroir can be found.

I'm grateful for the support, for all my readers. Thank you. In a bid to only bring the best content, I'll be slowing the pace of blogging. Taking some time off, to collect experiences to share with everyone. And that starts tomorrow, on my end-of-year trip to Niagara, to taste the 2008's and see how the 2009's are coming along.

I'm reminded of a scene in The Godfather, Part III. Michael Corleone and his daughter Mary are dancing at a party celebrating him being named a Commander of the Order of St. Sebastian. Led by Don Altobello, everyone clinks their glasses and calls, Cent-ani! Now, I have no aspirations for the blog to go for so long, but in the meantime, please join me in my continued search for truth and beauty, in wine and other pursuits.


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