Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve


I had an interesting Christmas Eve. Trying to be a bit diplomatic about things, for once. For the first time, I participated in a Christian Christmas Eve church service. My mother is very involved, and I was volunteered to participate. Good thing I have a broadcaster's voice. We got up on stage to recite a few bible passages. I was booming. Don't care if I agree with what I was saying, I was all in. I gave those verses everything I had. I can't help but notice that no one dresses appropriately for church anymore. The men look like they're wearing borrowed suits, and the women......I highly doubt that knee high leather boots and short skirts are suitable in front of Christ. Come's Christmas, show a little decorum and respect.

Dinner as usual, at a family friend's place. There were cops everywhere - I didn't have a drop of alcohol. Perrier all night. I'll put up some video later. And some photos. There was a raucous card game going on after dinner. I won't lie - there really is no reason for me to be at these things. There really is nothing for me to do there.

My goodness...I'm turning into an alcoholic loner. Merry Christmas, mes amis.


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