Saturday, December 26, 2009

Close to the chest


I hope everyone's having a great holiday so far. I don't know what to make of mine so far. It's been full of obligations. Church, family, this, that. I need some time to settle down a bit, preferably with a glass or five, and just chill.

Today's been alright. I didn't go shopping. The streak is still on - I've never, and don't intend on ever participating in the bloodfest that is Boxing Day. Spent the day at home, drinking and tasting my way through three wonderful wines. Two Niagara pinot noirs of the highest quality, and a Burgundy.

There's a few things that I'm planning on investing in, in the new year. Laptop, flashlight(s), body grip, stems. So keeping my wallet close to the chest, for now at least. At least the wine is still flowing (somewhat) freely.

As always, photo courtesy of ROKChoi.


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