Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day after

I'm waiting for my toast. Crawled out of bed with a slight hangover, but I feel awesome. Nothing some breakfast tea can't fix. I need to hire a maid to wash the dishes after these dinners. I managed to clean everything except my stems and decanters. Who was it that said that after you've been drinking, the wine glasses begin appearing very large, while the sink begins to shrink?

Usually when I talk wine with people, I get blank stares. That look that just says, 'I'm gonna be polite and hear you out, but as soon as you finish, I'm out'. But my friends are enlightened drinkers. There's that moment when what you're saying corresponds to what they smell and taste - that's the moment when eyes get really wide, and there's the, 'Oh, I get it!!' Yeah, that's when it's all worth it.


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