Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dinner in the winter - Burgundy

2006 Remoissenet

2006 Remoissenet Père et Fils, AC Chambolle-Musigny

With a grand dish, a grand wine. We've been seeing a few wines from this producer be released, and how could you ever say no to a Chambolle-Musigny?

Light colour, which is always a great sign. On the nose, much more reticent. I like to think that wine is a reflection of the people who make them, and this certainly applies here. It takes an hour to really begin unravelling. Red fruits show, with a lot of sour cherry and cranberry. A really distinct gaminess develops as well. Minerality, with an almost iron quality. The meatiness in the bouquet really starts booming around the third hour.

Silky texture in the mouth, with a lovely bright red fruit character. Begins showing a lot of sweetness in the fruit, as well as a spicy note. Incredible. This wine clearly shows its pedigree, compared with the previous Niagara pinot noir we drank. Long finish, balanced, with an austerity from both its fine tannins and acidity. A complete wine.

With the rabbit, just beautiful. The gaminess and spiciness of both pair well. The acidity just cuts through the richness of the rabbit. A dish, and wine, perfect for the weather outside.


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