Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dinner in the winter - Fish


I cooked dinner for my friends last night. It's winter, it's almost's time to get together and celebrate a bit. Which just is another excuse to drink many, many wines, and indulge to excess.

It's been getting cold in Toronto. So we started with a soup, to warm everyone up. A beautifully rich chicken broth which was to be the base for many of the sauces later on. Once warmed up, we moved onto fish.

Striped bass, which I filleted. I really need a proper knife for this kind of work. My chef's knife just isn't designed for such an intricate operation - I sliced my left thumb quite deeply, as a result. You'll see later on. I can never get through a dinner without having at least one finger plastered and Polysporin-ed up.

Seasoned, then seared in olive oil. Roasted in the oven. As it cooks, diced Ontario beets into a pan. Simmered with chicken broth. Thickened with a bit of butter. You lay it on the centre of the plate - the intense purple colour is a nice complement to the fish. The sweetness pairs wonderfully with the savoury quality of a good piece of fish.


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