Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dinner in the winter - Rabbit


Now, the main attraction. A rabbit fricassée with wild mushrooms, leeks, and celery. Gamy, earthy flavours are the focus - this is a country dish, and I wanted to show it as such. Nothing fancy. I love eating mushroom is big chunks. The rabbit we find here has a richness to it, as well as a gaminess that it quite unlike anything else. A few of my friends had never eaten rabbit before - it's always a treat for me as well.

Rabbit innards

After the meat, the liver, heart, and kidneys were lightly seared in butter. Nothing to waste. The liver was just delicious. Kidneys, much richer and creamier than you'd expect. The heart - bloody and a bit chewy. You respect the animal for what it's given you, and leave none of it to waste.


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