Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This is why your mother needs to stay the hell away from your laptop. Her screeching will startle you and make you drop it, killing the hard drive. I can't turn the goddamn thing on now. It doesn't even read the OS - it keeps telling me there is no OS installed. I have a dead piece of shit on my hands, with all my files, all my photos, all my documents coffined up.

I'm pissed out of my fucking mind. Working off my old VAIO, which was sputtering 12 months ago. I'm so tired of this shit, man. Come on. Not a single damn thing going my way. I wanted to wait until at least the spring before geting a new laptop. Guess that'll be pushed up a bit now. Where the fuck am I going to find $2000???

Blogging will continue on my desktop, until I figure everything out.


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  1. learn the hard way for backing up, happens to everyone.