Monday, December 14, 2009


2009 Infiniti G37x

This past Saturday, December 12, we picked up our new car. I hustled out of bed at 8am. On a Saturday. That's just unheard of. Really, the only other reason I'll get out of bed so early, with enthusiasm, is for wine. But 8 am on Saturday is still pushing it, even for wine.

We had to drop off Accord first. The breakup felt like it was long overdue. You say you'll stay friends with her, but that never happens. This was the car I smashed up pretty good, to the tune of $9700. So there were some unpleasant memories. Including the leaky window seals, the suspect tires, and the ill-fitting body panels. Was there a pang of sadness? Not really. The greasy salesman we were dealing with, in the cheap synthetic fibre blend suit and a misguided fob notion of cool, certainly made the divorce easy.

What a contrast it makes, when you actually have a positive business relationship with someone. The meeting at Infiniti took about 45 minutes longer than it had to, but we signed and got our keys. And here we are. A 3.7 litres, 328 hp, 7 speed auto, black self-healing clearcoat painted beast, just tingling with fire-breathing fury.

DF presents Gojira.

2009 Infiniti G37x


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