Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Looted and booted



I went over to Bayview Village today, to pick up a few wines. And cheese. A friend is taking me out to dinner, I shouldn't go empty-handed. And look...the store shelves are literally empty. Top photo shows the Champagne shelves, bottom shows Southwest France. Empty all around, as in California, Italy, and Australia. At least someone's having a good Christmas.

Having some friends over for hotpot tonight. I don't like hotpot, but it's an excuse to open a few bottles of Shaoxing wine. More on the wines, later. Cold outside, no?



  1. It infuriates me when this happens, the Argentine and Portugal stock remains untouched. What's the deal?

  2. Well, people generally are willing to spend more for wine during the holidays, and there's always a run on France, California, Italy. But Portugal is sadly, very misunderstood. Ports are some of the greatest wines in the world - then again, if no one buys, it keeps prices reasonable for port lovers!