Thursday, December 10, 2009

Niagara - Stone Road Grille

Dinner after a tour around Niagara is always exciting. The Old Winery Restaurant is always a great option, and is one of my favourite restaurants in the area. Charles recommended we eat at Stone Road Grille - apparently, this is where all the winemakers hang out. Cool. A bit hard to find...the trick is not to look for a Stone Road Grille sign, but to instead look for a red sign with the word REST on it. You'll find it.

ROKChoi and I were just famished by now - we had been tasting wines for a good 7 hours, on basically empty stomachs. We make sacrifices to find great wines...I can go all day if I have to. Took one look at the menu, and while the duck confit looked delicious, we both wanted steak. Started off with a soup, a potato/yam purée, with sweet potato crisp on top. Lovely consistency, piping hot, perfectly seasoned. Warmed me up, down to my toes. Steak frites, a grilled flat iron, medium rare, sauce bearnaise, garlicky beans, and the most delicious fries. The first bite of that steak was the most amazing thing. Tender, so flavoursome, with bite from the pepper - just heaven. I told ROKChoi - no talking for the first 10 minutes, just eating. And the fries - cooked perfectly, soft inside, crispy outside, not a drop of excess grease. Incredible.

We had a long drive back to Toronto ahead of us, so we decided not to order a bottle. After a day of tasting, beer seemed like a good idea. The name escapes me - it was an ale, from a local micro-brewery. Dark colour, nutty and balanced. Worked well with beef.

I think this warrants another visit, on our next visit. The charcuterie plate looks especially appetizing. The video captures the ambiance quite well - you get the idea.


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