Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The only one

Everyone needs to be the guy in their social circle, no? I mean, in terms of expertise, everyone needs to be the one and only source of knowledge and advice. Straight up, if someone comes in claiming to be a wine guy, I will feel threatened. To my core.

Why is that?

Isn't it the point of a hobby to share with people, to engage in dialogue? What fun is there if it's just one-sided? Certainly, I'm flattered when people seem interested when I talk wine. Then why is it that I can't hold anyone else's palate in high esteem except my own (or Broadbent's, or Asimov's, or Jefford's, or Robinson's, or Spurrier's)? I just can't take anyone else seriously - this dude, this chick, can't possibly know what they're talking about.

Don't laugh, don't smirk. You're every bit as insecure. You know how BMW drivers instantly tense up when someone else talks about their new Porsche? Or when the model's face turns sour when another pretty girl walks into the room? Yeah. Same thing.

I am the Wino. There's never been anyone like me. The true wine lovers, I'm cut from their cloth. I'm invincible, I'm unstoppable, I'm just ferocious.



  1. Not laughing OR smirking!

    I'm the same with being a female gamer. Not that the world is lacking in girls with my interests, but I do consider the cards I hold to be pretty unique. So if another girl gamer sits down with me and my guy friends and starts chattering away about that coveted sword in Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, or that boss battle in Final Fantasy 9, yeah, I'm definitely feeling like my turf is being trampled upon.

    Thanks for writing this post! I feel better about being a competitive social person now!!

  2. Oh Jennifer, you totally get me! An avid gamer AND a wine must be popular with your guy friends!!

    OperaBox: I used to deny being a narcissist, but not no more. Why the hell do you think we blog?