Monday, December 21, 2009

Sell it!

Ernie Eves says LCBO sale won't be easy. Take a look, from the Toronto Star today.

So apparently, the province wants to sell the LCBO. Why hasn't it? Get a move on, boys. Drop this incredibly inefficient system, that's doing a horrible disservice to Ontario taxpayers. I don't get the reason though - the idiots in charge have racked up the largest deficit in history ($24.7 billion) and they want to explore ways to bring in some cash. Are they seriously considering selling one of the most profitable assets they have? $1.4 billion in profit, $400 million in liquor sales taxes a year. Doesn't make sense.

But I've always been a proponent of the privatization of liquor in Ontario. Yes, I want to buy wine from a privately owned retailer. We need competitive prices, better selection, and much, much better customer service. LCBO's prices are a joke, especially on Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne. Selection? I'm tired of hearing the fabulous Chinon, Mosel, grower Champagne, and fine Burgundy that the Americans have access to, while we have to do with row upon row of non-descript junk. Don't get me started on the utter lack of fine Niagara wines - you have to support all the wonderful wines in our own province, who are suffering because they can't afford to sell through the LCBO. And as for service? Well, if you wear a badge that says "Vintages Consultant" on it, then you sure as hell better act like a consultant.

The LCBO? Sell that shit!


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