Sunday, January 31, 2010

2006 Mendocino County


2006 The San Francisco Wine Press Syrah, Mendocino County

Can we expect drinkability from a Californian wine under $20? Who knows. Still looking. Syrah, from (reputedly) organically grown grapes, from Mendocino. Bottled under Stelvin. Dark colour, but it does have ruby edges. Candied, confected nose. Mistake right there. So sweet on the palate - there has to be residual sugar in here, no? Candied, and just.........why? Really, guys, why? Why can't you just go for a simple wine with good varietal character? This wine has no personality, has no resemblance at all to syrah, and just has.................nothing to offer. My goodness, what the hell were you thinking??!!!


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