Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2007 Emilia Romagna

2007 Podari dal Nespoli

2007 Podari dal Nespoli Sangiovese di Romagna di Prugneto, DOC Emilia Romagna

This is the wine from dinner - On the plate and In the sink. It was a spectacular bottle, which is a miracle considering how the Italians have perverted sangiovese in the past few years. I've just about given up with Chianti and Montalcino for sangiovese-based wines. Too much of a minefield of Internationally-styled wines masquerading as authentic Tuscans. For such a noble variety, it's an absolute travesty that this is happening.

The only alternative is obscure regions like Emilia Romagna, which are not as well known. Hopefully, the fact that these areas don't do as well commercially means that they use less new oak, adhere to more traditional methods, and are more authentic. This bottle fulfills all of that, and was the most emotion-inducing Italian wine I've ever drunk.

Pale, and absolutely full of the dusty fruit I love in sangiovese. Elegant, slightly gritty tannins, with a wonderful bitterness on the finish. As I drank this over 6 hours, the wine opens up dramatically, becoming more friendly, more charming. The wine just draws so much emotion. It takes some attention, but it's just so charming, with all its flaws. Complex, delicious.

I still believe in sangiovese. Come on guys, stay true to yourselves, please don't be swayed by fashion.



  1. Hi David, I'm glad you like the Sangiovese di Romagna so much. I live in Cesena, the heart of Romagna, and am a sommelier: should you come to Italy I'd be happy to lead you to taste some Sangioveses.
    Guido Penso