Sunday, January 3, 2010

2008 Twenty Mile Bench

2008 Flat Rock

2008 Flat Rock Cellars Pinot Noir, VQA Twenty Mile Bench

What more can I say about this wine? This is the third bottle I've drank this year, and each time has been spectacular.

Light colour. Is it already browning? I don't know, but this will be something to bring up next time I visit this producer. There's certainly a dulling in the lustre of the wine, making it recognizable almost just by colour. The bouquet of this wine just builds and builds, in an intense, arcing surge of spice, earthiness, and bright red fruit. Lots of rose petals as well. A delicious pinot noir, balanced and with high acidity.

The fresh rose petals are really booming in the mouth. Acidity is just wonderful - you need high acidity in wine to eat with a meal. Delicious, and a wine that everyone who doesn't believe in Niagara wines needs to experience.


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