Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another, for DG



Dorian Gray. Talk of endless beauty, youth and beauty being the only two things worth having. The movie certainly takes liberties with the master's work. Adding characters, changing crucial parts of the plot, making up certain storylines.....as I had feared, they felt that the story had to be sexed up for an illiterate audience. Why all the gayness in the movie? Is the director gay? The screenwriter then......or the producer? There has to be a gay one involved in this whole mess. Lots of freak going on, especially 1/3 of the way through.

The actor in the role of Gray is far, far too pretty to be taken seriously. But, as in the book, the character of Henry Wotton is simply fascinating. Colin Firth plays him well - I think we all need a Lord Wotton in our lives, to show us how to shoot gin and opium. The detail in the movie is gorgeous, costumes and all. The first shot of Basil painting, that lingers over the half-empty glass of absinthe, over which sits a sugar cube............if anything, small details like these maintain interest. Did I mention the costumes?

I suddenly desire a well-tailored waistcoat, and a monogrammed cigarette case filled with the finest Cairo blend.

All joking aside, this movie (and book) centres around this idea that life is empty, and only beauty and pleasure are worth having. Let's talk about wine. We've gone over this, haven't we? Everyone searches for the perfect wine, the 100-point trophy. But let me tell you this - there is no such thing as a perfect wine, and the ones who search for it are fools. A perfect wine means that you have all the answers - the wine is therefore static, and never-changing. Where's the beauty in that? True beauty is shaped by time and experience - an unchanging entity is devoid of life.

I'm much more interested in the girl with a charm and energy - focusing strictly on looks will get you nowhere. But that's just me.


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