Friday, January 29, 2010

Another look in charcoal


Charcoal wool MTM, two button, single vent suit. Checked cotton shirt, Façonnable. Silk tie, Ralph Lauren, Tie bar, Pierre Cardin. Belt, Coach.

So this is a change in details, but maintaining the same idea as the previous ensemble. Same suit, but notice how a different shirt and tie can radically alter how you look. A brighter checked shirt, with a wider spread collar. I love the fit of Façonnable shirts - fits perfectly around the neck and chest, so when you tighten the tie, the shirt front stays pressed. With a shirt that has a bit of pattern, I wanted to tone down the tie. Solid colour, matching the colour in the shirt pattern. Understated and subtle, remember? Of course, a tie bar and white linen handkerchief. Little details to keep it interesting, and really bring a professional look to the outfit.

The top photo shows the fit of the jacket quite nicely, when it's buttoned. As you can see, a two-button suit shows a modern silhouette, and makes you look taller. More shirt revealed, you see. Tucked in slightly at the waist, to avoid being baggy, and to bring out the chest and shoulders. Tie - 4 in hand knot, with a nice dimple. This is so you tie a tie. Good length, good shape, and a bit askew. Because I don't need to be stiff and properly adjusted all the time. One last thing - notice how high the collar rides. I like to show at least an inch of collar, with the lapel of the suit falling gently and covering up the edges only. Elongates the neck, and adds a flash of colour. Doesn't have to be Victorian in proportion, but we need to see the collar and the shirt cuffs.

Sharp, as a knife. Inimitable swagger, a must.



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