Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fines de Claires


Fines de Claires No. 3, France

I was so happy to see these - a taste I remember so vividly from my time in Nice! Has the brininess, has the minerality, and has all the punchy flavour you expect, but also possesses an absolutely delicious weight and creamy texture. So delicious, in fact, that I ignored my now bloody left hand, and continued shucking through all dozen of them. This oyster has an unbelievably long finish, and simply coats your palate in a glossy, savoury flavour.

With the wines: the Rueda was a failure. My goodness, even with this one, the most assertive of the 3 oyster varieties, it still refuses to let the food shine. What a tragedy - utterly undrinkable with any of the oysters. The bottle of Mantinia fared a bit better, but just lacks the complexity for the pairing to be interesting.

None of the wines worked. I'm sticking to basics next time - with such delicious oysters, only the best Loire and Muscadet will do. Idiot. Should have taken my own advice and kept it simple, and elegant.


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