Wednesday, January 6, 2010


2009 Infiniti G37x

2009 Infiniti G37x


I've spent about 1500 km with Gojira in the 35 days or so we've had her, and I've begun to be more comfortable with her. A dramatic difference in driving experience from Accord. Gojira is a beast, off the line, in corners, and braking. She was meant to be driven hard. Nissan engineers make you drive aggressively - you really have no choice. Tap the throttle with any more force than a nudge, and the 328 hp monster begins roaring.

It's the transmission that's taken a while to get used to. It holds the shifts longer, daring you to keep pressing on the gas. And curiously, when it downshifts from say, 3 to 2, you notice the engine braking itself. There's a distinct lurch, when you slow down for a light, when the car suddenly drops speed at about 30km/h. This car is not subtle in the least. I stopped listening to music when I'm driving - there's nothing more melodious than hearing the engine growl deep and hard.

I love how the suspension's been tuned. Stiff, but still very comfortable on bumpy roads. Very little body roll, compared with Accord. Our Honda felt that it'd tip over under hard cornering - Gojira stays solid. Quiet in the cabin as well. In terms of ergonomics...I can't say this is an improvement over Accord. No one tops Honda at ergonomics. No one. Although I have to say, the intelligent key system is awfully nice. Quite snug inside, which is great. Accords, more and more, are being designed for fat-ass Americans. No one's backside is really that big. If you took a hard turn, you'd better hope the window was shut - the seat bolsters are not going to hold you in place.

It's a shame to get a new car in the winter. Gojira's filthy already. I'll wait a few more months, when spring comes, and I can wash her properly myself. And put up some video. You have to hear her growl.


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