Friday, January 22, 2010

Hard at work

This may be the hardest I've ever worked to pick up wines on release, in a long, long time. I visited 4 different LCBO locations around Toronto today, to get the wines I wanted. And I still missed one. Oh well.

Visited the Avenue LCBO for the first time. The new store, with a second floor devoted to wines and Vintages products. Flashy, shiny, brand new is all good. But I still prefer where I normally go. Bagpipes and all.

Remember how I said that this year, I'd focus on buying wines to drink, between $12-20? Well, sometimes things don't always turn out like you'd hope. Fantastic, can't-miss wines show up unexpectedly, so what are you to do, but to tighten up that sphincter and go for it? As in all things, life included, shit happens, budgets get wasted. As long as I'm happy, right?


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