Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Kumamoto Oysters, Washington

Right, so I said I'd write about the oysters I bought from Diana's Seafood Delight. Shucked and sucked through 2 dozen, and tasted them with 2 wines.

Instantly recognizable for their small, deep bowl, these oysters are milder, and less briny. A bit creamier as well, making them perfect for people who are a bit squeamish about eating oysters (raw or otherwise). My mother was one of these people, so to gently coax her to give it a try, I picked up a dozen Kumamoto.

Opened with a satisfying pull, these oysters have a touch of brininess, but are quite clean on the palate. Smooth, silky flesh. Very delicate in flavour. And it was the right choice. My mother really liked these - has all the savoury qualities she looks for in seafood.

With the wines: the Rueda clearly is too pungent for this oyster. Obliterates any flavour from the Kumamoto. The Mantinia did better, but the fruit is a bit too easy, and lacks a minerality to play up the milder taste of the oyster. Not a success for either one.


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