Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Noank Oysters, Connecticut

There were a few varieties of oysters from Connecticut available, but I was intrigued by two: Noank and Bluepoint. I asked the very helpful, knowledgable staff at Diana's Seafood what the difference was, and was told that Bluepoint was milder. Guess which one I went for...

As you can see, much bigger than Kumamoto, about 3-4 inches in length. Not as deep of a bowl, with a thicker shell. A lot of brine and minerality on the palate, lots of flavour. Thick texture, very assertive in the mouth. Delicious.

With the wines: went well with the Mantinia. The fruit carries over nicely, as the wine is quite dry. With the Rueda, this oyster is surprisingly overshadowed by the absolute grassiness of the wine. Of all the oysters, I expected the brine in this one to carry it through, but the wine just sashays right over it.


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