Monday, January 4, 2010

NV Kokuto Umeshu

Choya plum wine

Choya Kokuto Umeshu

Another plum wine from Japan. Our neighbour came back from Tokyo for the holidays, and gave me another bottle - from one wino to another, many thanks.

I had to research a bit to understand what this was. This is a wine made from plums, with added rum, and what the Japs call black sugar. Judging from the colour, I think it's just molasses. Very dark, which I mistook for cask aging.

Intensely plum flavoured. That's what you want in this kind of drink, no? You want to be in the subject. Balanced sweetness. What was more interesting for me was drinking this with a dish we were having - cured pork hock. Delicious, just a stunning combination. I knew this would work - a sweet wine with an intensely flavoured meat. With the gaminess from the curing process, the goodness, what delicacy, what flavour!


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