Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still at it

Holiday wines

This week's been painful at the gym. I took 14 days off over the holidays, and I'm paying for it now. Please, can the New Year's Resolution crowd be done with it and piss off? Honestly, the gym's been packed this whole week of people who haven't worked out for months, but think that loping around on a treadmill after the holidays makes up for it. Please just get lost. There are actually folks who take working out seriously, and you're just taking up other people's time on the machines. If you want to look good, go prance around a mall. Go clubbing. Just piss off anywhere but my damn gym.

So, how has everyone's first week back been going? Mine is alright. First Vintages release of the year this Saturday, and I'm all ready. My closet's all empty. Ahh, the life of a wino....there's never enough wine to drink.

In other great news, I just got my 300th follower on Twitter! Great job guys. Really stepping it up.



  1. whats worse is 2 months ago decied to up my gym time, checked my stats with the machine, gained 1.8% body fat and lost 1/2lb grrr, that means I gotta go back on protein no!!

    Yeah gym is crowded here Would love to just do days but you know work

  2. Just wait a bit, they'll get bored and leave soon. I'm trying to stay patient, instead of losing it and telling people to hurry the fck up on the machines.