Saturday, January 30, 2010

UGC Bordeaux - 2007 Pauillac/Saint-Estèphe


Tasting 2007 Pauillac

These wines were ok. But when you charge these prices, your wines can't just be ok. Tannic and heavily structured as expected, but I just don't see any complexity emerging. Just seems overdone, again, with the oak and extraction. But as in all the appellations, you have to be careful, and it's usually the relatively unsought after producers that produce the truest wine. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to taste Pontet-Canet.

Château Batailley - open, lots of oak
Château Lunch-Moussas - dry, tannic, some fruit, slightly green
Château Clerc Milon - lead graphite on nose, fruit hidden, structured
Château D’Armailhac - clunky texture, rustic brettanomyces on the nose
Château Grand-Puy Ducasse - so tannic, one-dimensional
Château Lynch-Bages - oak, high tannins, fruit peeking through, needs age but this is a powerhouse

Tasting 2007 Saint-Estèphe

Only one Saint-Estèphe attended. Too bad. Would have liked to see a wider range.

Château Lafon-Rochet - good crunchy fruit, oaky nose, velvet texture

Photo courtesy of ROKChoi.



  1. I'm a big fan of Lafon-Rochet. The 1996 is available through Vintages Online, if you want to try an older vintage. I had it about 18 months ago and it was amazing, sadly it wasn't on sale back then...

  2. dj, thanks for the comment. I enjoyed the Lafon-Rochet. Sadly, Vintages overprices Bordeaux so much that I can't afford to drink old wines anymore!