Saturday, January 30, 2010

UGC Bordeaux - 2007 Pomerol


Tasting 2007 Pomerol

Continuing along the Right Bank, I was a bit disappointed with Pomerol. These wines need good sun, and many of the wines showed the difficulties of the vintage. Yes, we're being premature, maybe the wines will fill out a bit. None of them really showed well. I was hoping for approachable wines with bright fruit and balance, and none of them really showed merlot in a good way. Maybe that's why so few showed up.

Château Clinet - fruit pales, thin body, low structure.........something is wrong here
Château Gazin - elegant, structured, fruit is hidden but present, definitely needs time
Château La Cabanne - round nose, ripe fruit, tight palate
Château La Conseillante - rustic, oaky nose, sweet fruit, reedy finish though

Photo courtesy of ROKChoi.

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