Saturday, January 30, 2010

UGC Bordeaux - 2007 Saint-Julien


Tasting 2007 Saint-Julien

Again, these wines underwhelmed. A surprising number of wines with brettanomyces. Also, so many of the wines were intensely structured, with hard tannins - I question if they have the fruit and complexity behind it.

Château Branaire Ducru - mocha nose, oak nicely done, good fruit, balanced, well-structured...a good one
Château Gruaud Larose - tight, sweet fruit, good ripeness, very austere
Château Lagrange - spicy oak, tannic, some sweet fruit lurking under there
Château Léoville Poyferré - ungainly, brettanomyces showing, tannic, harsh palate
Château Saint-Pierre - candied, overdone fruit
Château Talbot - rustic oak, lots of hard tannins

Photo courtesy of ROKChoi.


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