Thursday, January 21, 2010

Villager Cigar

Villager Premium Tubo

Villager Premium Tubo

I bought this cigar, of all places, when I was in Nice. December 2007. I had wanted a cigar at the time, and they came in a pack of 2. Finished one, and here we are. Also, I discovered that D90 shoots directly in B/W. I think I'm gonna play around with this for a bit - be prepared not to see any colour for a while.

This cigar was inexpensive because among other things, only the centre is Cuban tobacco. The wrapper is another type. But, a cigar is a cigar - let's be honest, just being able to smoke one is a treat.

Starts nicely, but soon shows its lacklustre pedigree. Ash breaks off, and burns unevenly. At least it's not as harsh as I had feared. Pairing it with brandy made it better, as you can read about later. Towards the end, the cigar begins getting more oily, the smoke is just a bit sharper, and I stopped smoking at about 1.5 inches.


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