Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1995 Pomerol

1995 Latour a Pomerol

1995 Château Latour à Pomerol, AC Pomerol

I'm not a greedy man, nor do I like bragging. I'm not into wine to splash my ego, and flaunt expensive wines that I come across, unlike many other bloggers. But let's be real. The only real reason we blog is to spread ego and arrogance - who are we kidding? And I only wish I was able to drink expensive wine regularly.

A bottle given to me from a friend last year for dinner. It's horrible etiquette not to open a bottle that someone else has brought over, but my friend knows that wine needs to be properly prepared, and we'll drink his wines together anyways, eventually. After a thorough job of prepping, this wine was ready to go.

Holding onto some good colour, edges showing maturity. Alas, a trace of TCA taint. Yes, this expensive, mature claret was a bit corked. Still showing some dark fruits though, becoming a bit sweet in the mouth. Palate is elegant, with finely grained tannins still lingering. Finish still softly grasping on. But alas, this bottle was flawed.


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